[TSA_Approved_Smart_Travel_Padlock] - BIO-key TouchLock
[TSA_Approved_Smart_Travel_Padlock] - BIO-key TouchLock
[TSA_Approved_Smart_Travel_Padlock] - BIO-key TouchLock
[TSA_Approved_Smart_Travel_Padlock] - BIO-key TouchLock
BIO-key International Inc.

TouchLock Smart TSA Luggage Lock, Black

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Product Overview:

The TouchLock Smart TSA Luggage Padlock is a fingerprint smart lock designed for both frequent business travelers and vacationers. This smart travel lock is Travel Sentry™ Approved and allows TSA screeners to unlock and lock your bags for inspection without destroying it by using the master keyhole located on the bottom of the lock. With the Smart TSA Luggage Padlock accessing your belongings couldn’t be any simpler, just place your finger on the scanner and you’re in!

At a Glance:

  • Shackle Size: Shackle Thickness - 4mm, Shackle Width Clearance - 19.5mm, Shackle Height Clearance - 20.8mm
  • Secure your luggage, laptop bag, garment bag, container, or purse as you travel
  • Easy to enroll and operate – opens with a touch of a finger
  • Discourage others from trying to open your luggage and access your belongings
  • Protect your most valuable assets when you travel such as camera’s computers, tablets, jewelry, smartphones, and money

Additional Product Information

  • Lithium-ion Polymer Battery
  • Dimensions: 67×36.5×18.2mm
  • Working Life for Charge: 30 mins/9 months

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